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returining to the dust in 2023

awaken with us

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We are a morning-ritual cafe that offers interactive experiences with mindfulness practices focusing on fun daily topics while serving coffee to our Burning Man citizens.

Our Mission

At Cafetopia, we are on a mission to provide a vibrant and energizing

morning experience for the Burning

Man Community. We believe that starting your day off at our Cafe can set the tone for a transformative experience on the playa. Our campmates of high-vibe individuals are committed to creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere that inspires

connection, joy, and magic. Through our daily Dream Series and guidance, we aim to ground citizens of BRC in the present moment and cultivate a deep sense of wonder and awe.

We are passionate about building a community that values all 10 Principles.

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  • We function under the 10 Principles of Burning Man

  • We are NOT a plug-and-play camp

  • We do have camp dues and it goes to getting all of our magic out to the dust. 

  • We offer a daily high-vibe vegan & meat daily meal daily. 

  • We offer water at our camp

  • We have one shower you can use daily

  • You will have x3 shifts throughout the week to contribute to our community

  • You are required to stay through Monday 6pm end of teardown. 

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a beacon of positivity on the playa and beyond, empowering individuals to live their best lives and create a better world.

At Our Camp

Camp Cafetopia is a 40-person Burning Man Camp of a global community.

📍Austin, Texas 📍O'ahu, Hawaii 📍Venice, California 📍CDMX

Camp Logstics

2019 is when our journey to the playa as a theme camp begins! 

We named our camp ITOPIA and brought in 30 amazing humans from all over the world to join us in this magical year. 

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The offering of Itopia camp was not only the solar reflective A-frames you see... but offerings of ceremonies of unconditional love. 

To a new lover, a stranger, or the love of your life, you'd be able to celebrate the unconditional love you have for them for the rest of your life!

Soul Care House Branding Deck (9).png

Where 38 beautiful souls gathered to create Cafetopia Camp for the very fist time as a theme camp! We successfully built our camp, had the most gourmet meals, and rocked our cafe offerings throughout the week. We were rated best coffee in the neighborhood from our neighboring camps. 

Turned out... we were the best place to start the morning! 

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Camp creators Indigo + Agape were on a mission to not only celebrate their union of unconditional love at the burn in 2019, they also wanted to bring this shared love to others at the playa.


TO 2022

We fell in love with our offering, with the eclectic energy that we were able to create for those who stumbled upon our camp or rode across playa for their vegan power balls. The magic is here to stay and only get louder. With an incredible comeback of the most exquisite team returning home to the best as a family and expanding community! 


Our History

SO MUCH LOVE to the Amazing Humans
That Create Cafetopia Camp

Kirti Kana | Agape
Camp Lead

2023 will be my 5th burn and 3rd year running a camp. Somehow I keep coming back! I love organizing our camps logistics and making magic happen pre-during-and post-burn! 

📍 Austin, Texas
Kristy Mae | Indigo
Cultural Ambassador

The gal who gets shit done. You'll see her helping build, tear down, and step into anything that needs assistance. She can do it all! Her strength lies in honoring the 10 Principles and teaching others how to live by them. 

📍 O'ahu, Hawaii
Andy Kalt 
Music Lead + Finances

Andy curates the musical daily themes for our camp offering days along with providing our tunes during build and teardown. Not only does he manage the sound waves but also keeps us in check with our budgets!

📍 Austin, Texas
Taylor Johnson | DuctTape Daddy
Build Co-Lead

Taylor found a passion that lies in the magic of building our sanctuary for Burning Man. He's mega-organized and also gets down to heavy bass music. Catch him on the ladder reaching what nobody else can reach! 

📍 Austin, Texas
Garrett | GearBear
Build Co-Lead

This was stepped up when we needed the most help loading tons of bikes on top of an RV. He's proven to not only be an amazing dancer but also an incredible addition to our build team! 

📍 San Diego, California
Maddie | Sunshine
Kitchen Lead

Maddie cooked up the most gourmet food we've EVER had at Burning Man. She's making a comeback this year as our official Kitchen Lead and will be nourishing our bodies with some of the best high-vibe playa meals you'll ever have!

📍 Venice, California
Screen Shot 2023-05-09 at 10.19.18 AM.png
LNT Co-Lead

Making a magical return to Cafetopia Masha and Ian both showed up in the most supportive ways in 2022. After being in line for hours and getting to camp right on time for their shift they jumped in and helped! Masha has a passion for LNT and this will be a year where we welcome her guidance and support!

📍 Planet Earth Traveller
Screen Shot 2023-04-27 at 11.16.18 AM.png
LNT Co-Lead

Ian is a human that is full of love and warmth! You'll find him helping anywhere there is a need for extra hands and he is an overall awesome human to be around! Look out for him helping with our Leave No Trace with Masha this year! 

📍 San Diego, California
Juan Pablo
Build Support

A magical soul that landed in our camp in 2022 is coming back to be more involved with our whole camp operations and helping our Build Team! Juan Pablo not only has the vibes but also an incredible grounded energy to guide you through breathwork experiences!

Ana Cecilia
Offerings Lead

Cecy is bringing her magic and love back to Cafetopia and helping curate this year's daily offerings for BRC Community! She's got the most organized excel docs and is ready to get your magic interwoven with the frequency of our Cafetopian Offering this year! 

Build Support

Malcolm is a high-vibe human that has jokes, a positive attitude, and amazing energy! This will be his first burn and will be helping Cafetopia with build and teardown this year. We can't wait to open the doors of BRC to him! 

📍 Austin, Texas
Build Support

Cee is helping our camp with build and teardown this year, he is a virgin burner and if I look into a magical ball and see into the future I think Cee will be there for people on their highs and lows. This man is filled with wisdom and love and we can't wait to have him with us this year!

📍 Austin, Texas
Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 3.09.17 PM.png
Build Support

Dave is an old camp mate returning from our 2019 Itopia Camp! Fun fact: Dave SAVED our 2019 camp by picking up an order of 2x4x8 and if it weren't for him 30 people would've not had a place to live/sleep. He's our lucky charm and so happy he's back with us this year!

📍 Not sure
Michelle Florez
Cafe Support

This will be Michelle's first burn and this has been on her bucket list since seeing us take off last year. Michelle is a warm spirit that's here to help and guide you to your best self! She'll be helping Agape and helping the cafe run throughout the week! 

📍Santa Teresa, Costa Rica | Austin, Texas
Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 12.48.37 PM.png
Build Support

This man does it all! You can find him helping build to blessing our camp with heavy bass beats. He's a self-started and has a beautiful heart. This will be his first time meeting Cafetopians as he returns home to Black Rock City. 

📍 NorCal
Camp Members
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